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FE:BtS - Garnet Profile by StarlightOrchard FE:BtS - Garnet Profile by StarlightOrchard

Hello~ This is my character submission for Fire Emblem: Beyond the Sun. 

The Basics


Name- Garnet (Alias: Vesper)

Nation- Daein


Gender- Female

Sexuality- Pansexual

Marital status- Single

Race- Beorc

Occupation- Privateer

Class- Thief


 Tell me the Facts



Height- 160 cm

Weight- 125 pounds

Hair color- Slightly wavy, ends at the bottom of the shoulder blades. Is a dark mahogany red.

Eye color- Teal

Build- Slim, but overall a gymnastics figure. Legs and lower body are much stronger than the top half.

Scars/wounds- Small scars here and there from mistimed leaps


 Shape your Future




     Garnet is generally outgoing and cheerful. She’s a trustworthy person, and will often fight to defend something or someone, or to prove a point. She mostly has a small smile worn most of the time and has no issue when it comes to engaging in friendly conversation with a stranger. This can often lead to some distraction though, when she stops mid-track on the job to speak when someone wants to talk with her (mostly shop keepers or young children). Garnet is extremely dedicated to those she holds dear, and will make sure that they will be safe no matter what.

     Though headstrong and open minded, she can be quite arrogant. She often believes that she can take on anything or anyone, when clearly she cannot. As a reckless tomboy, she engages in street brawls if her opponent challenges her; even if they don’t she’s usually the one doing the challenging anyways. She can also be arrogant and foolhardy, due to her inability to read the atmosphere properly. Because of her ignorance, she misjudges situations frequently and once was even close to death until she realized that living is more important than her ego.




    Garnet was the middle child in a common family by the Daein countryside, spending her childhood normally amongst the wilderness. She was younger than her eldest brother Kurtis by four years and older than her youngest brother Callo by ten. Her father Walter worked in the Daein army as a well respected and high-standing Marksman, but died from sickness and stress caused by a serious skirmish when she was fourteen. Her family had lost a loved one, and unfortunately the only breadwinner. To make money for his family, Kurtis decided to make use of his skills with his bow, because he was trained by Walter since he was a boy in the forests. However, since there were essentially no opportunities to utilize his only significant skill in their town, he turned to the underground by becoming an assassin immediately after his father’s death. Unfortunately, Kurtis had been caught before an attempt by an important noble three years later, and had been captured and executed publicly.

     Now at seventeen years old, Garnet had only her grieving mother and young brother left as family. Her mother would tire herself laundering for the people who would accept, while everyone knowing Garnet as the sister of the dead assassin, no one would take her in for a job, except for certain nobles. She chose the life of a privateer, travelling around the country and for extra payment around the continent and back, thieving instead of killing for her clients. But seeing as the job was a high offence against the laws of Daein, her name as Garnet was used exclusively for her family and mothers closest friends. She changed her public name to Vesper in order to protect her remaining family if she was caught the same way as her older brother.

     Garnet couldn't live in the same house as her family anymore.  As a privateer, connection to her mother and brother was almost completely cut off to defend them from her reputation, and they had to live by the rule that the girl Garnet had run away from home years ago.




Velinia-Mother (alive)

Callo- Younger brother (alive)

Walter- Father (Marksman; deceased)

Kurtis- Older brother (Sniper; deceased)



-Home cooked meals (They remind her of her mothers cooking)

-Children and people

-Running freely

-Friendly teasing (Or provoking!)

-Windy days



-Being left out (She always wants to be involved)

-The cold

-Horses (She’s terrified of their kicking legs!)

-Couples that are far too affectionate in public

-Lack of trees (She enjoys climbing)


-She often tries to take care of too many tasks at once

-Arrogant (Feels as if she’s stronger than others)

-She can’t go near horses (When she was a child, a horse that belonged to her father’s friend didn’t like her very much)

-Physically weak (She relies on her agility more than anything to accomplish things)

-Often comes on too strong to people (Tends to be blunt in inappropriate situations)


-Empathetic (She’s willing to listen to anyone’s problems)

-Protective (She’s willing to be hurt if it means that who she’s defending will be safe)

-Light footed (Moves swiftly, and is skilled at close combat)

-Courageous (Always tries new things, and is not afraid to take risks)

-Always keeps her promises (She never breaks promises that she makes to her family, and she translates that to the rest of her life)


 Personal Quotes

“The name’s Vesper. Yeah…”

“Don’t worry about it anymore, okay? I’ll visit again soon, I promise.”

“That’s- I’m sorry, is that all I’m getting for my hard work?”


 Friend or Foe

     Garnet traverses the country and even the continent for good people and bad, so she’s mostly in the middle. Though she tries to remain honest at all costs, she considers herself a friend and good person.


 Role-play Sample

      Garnet walked through the streets, the moonlight and shops the only things making her path home visible. In her hand was a small pouch, halfway full with coins. She grew more excited to see her mother and brother for the first time in months and quickened her pace. The air always felt clear and cool on days like this.

      She knocked on the door of her old home, and it flung open as soon as she made contact to the wood with her fist. “Garnet! You’re back! Did you bring me any treats?” Callo held her tightly in his arms as he rained question upon question on her. “Any candy? Are you hungry? Mum cooked some meat!” Garnet laughed and peeled her brother off of her.

     “No treats this time, but a lot of money to buy some!” Callo grinned and pulled her inside. He continued to babble, but it sounded more like a sweet song to her. She chuckled at her sibling, and she looked up from her excitable brother to find another she had wanted to see. Velinia had tears in her eyes as she embraced her.

     “My baby, welcome home!”


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